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Tofino Chalet Map

Tofino Chalet Rental Location Aerial Photo

Tofino Chalet Rental Vancouver Island Map
Tofino Vacation Rental Map

Driving directions from Victoria or Naniamo BC

  1. North on Island Highway.
  2. Take exit 51 onto Highway 4 West near Parksville.
  3. Follow Highway 4 West across the island (about 2 hours) passing through Port Albirni on the way. Signs for Tofino are posted.
  4. Upon reaching the West Coast, Highway 4 comes to a “T”, signs indicate Ucluelet to the left & Tofino to the right.
  5. Turn right and follow for 27.8 km.
  6. Turn right on Jensens Bay Road.
  7. Tofino Chalet is at 956 Jensens Bay Road.

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